October 23, 2012

Blame her if you must

Hello Blogosphere it's true. I've decided to blog. This may be the worst or best thing I ever allow the internet to see, you can be the judge of that. Lets start off by celebrating the fact that I just finished my first semester of college! (yeeharrr) Good riddance ill time management and severe stress until we met again in a summer subject in ... 3 freeing weeks. Although i am studying branded fashion for some unaccountable reason i was put through the immense stress of vis comm subjects, hallelujah for that departure from this very very very un-graphically design focused girl. 

I have however learnt so much in what feels to be very short amounts of time; this may explain the sudden ideology that of course I can write a blog. This light bulb moment also requires giving credit to the very helpful very lovely blogger The Look Lite who encouraged this thing. SO, blame her if you must.

Short and sweet, welcome to frisky freedom. Endorse yourself in my outfit inspirations, product reviews, crazy spare of the moment thoughts and please, let me give you the feeling of taking your bikini top off on an open beach. 

x Ell 

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