October 29, 2012

Mystical Monday

                                       Wearing: Ally top and silk shorts, Kmart sandals and Colette by Colette Hayman studs and skull ring. 
    Today I was almost late for my first day of work at Ally Fashion.  This is not how i usual am, I am normally rather punctual. Hence the most casual, ill efforted look for today. The shorts are unbelievable comfortable, and have such a cute pattern on them, but they needed to be toned down with a very basic white top. I love the detail with the button up front and cutout alteration. Cant say much about the sandals, the remind me of Jesus and they were $12AUD (get on that shiz nit!!) but they're simple and i love tan cuties for my tootsies. Unfortunately to and from work was freezing in this outfit! If i wasn't running late I definitely would have grabbed a jacket instead of my jam on toast!  Let me know what you think 

X Ell

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  1. Cutest shorts!

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