October 24, 2012

LIfe's a lotto?

5 first items

5 first items by ell-demack featuring leather biker pants

Lets face it, we all love the idea of winning lotto, whether thats because the night before we spend hours planning and deliberating each and every hundred of thousands or because so much energy is put in to the build up of handing over that tiny number filled slip with so much anticipation you could almost die. I don't know, maybe we're all just mechanically wired to fall in love with the chance, the idea, the opportunity of something different. 
Tuesday's $50 million lotto draw started for me at about 5am, with my rather special boyfriend claiming to have dreamt about filling in the lotto winnings form, so all day I was reminded of the importance of buying us a lotto ticket. 

Wednesday began at around the same time, instead this time it was due to Brad (the boyfriend) all chirpy, letting me know he was leaving to check our lotto ticket. What a surprise no winnings... but it still led me to the train of thought that hey that first day of knowing i was a millionaire would be insane.  Spontaneous shopping trips and luxurious treats, mmm i want to win the lotto next week! 
This is what i would have owned today if i had of won. 

1 These leather trousers have been a must have for me lately, just haven't won the lotto yet.  
Blk dnm
$1,085 - brownsfashion.com
2 With all my money, I'd need one classy hat. 
3 Mmm, biker boots... who wouldn't?
Crafted bike shoes
$64 - republic.co.uk

4 Would have to splurge on the new Kate Moss lipstick range from Rimmel, they look TDF
 Rimmel lip stick

5 Who wouldn't want to make a statement with this skateboard from Fashion Gone Rogue! 

Dream big there'll always be the lotto right?

X Ell

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