October 26, 2012

Plain T

Wearing: Supre Singlet, Melrose Ave denim shorts, Roxy Prism watch and Mink Pink sunglasses

Obviously this ^ is what I wore shopping yesterday, I did add a light pink lippy and some tan and gold sandals but you get the general idea- I'm loving plain t's at the moment. (sorry for those who hate people who wear no shoes but i live directly opposite the beach soo shoes are very avoidable) 

I seem to be one of those people who can't find anything when they actually have money to spend. IT'S FRIGGEN FRUSTRATING! I did however, manage to grab some essentials that I was after...
An exfoliating glove ($2 for a pair might I add!), the new Schwarzkopf extra care Hair Repair which you you can expect a review on soon, also some Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara and lastly; new smaller bra's! The last item specifically, is something to celebrate, so don't pitty me just because the word smaller and bra's were put in the same sentence... theres still plenty of meat in that fridge! I also scored that $8 skull scarf from Cosmetics Plus, I seem to also be in love with pretty looking skulls at the moment, but we can talk about that later.

But, in all seriousness I'm loving online shopping! That way I'm never disappointed when I leave empty handed and bank account fully intact. The worst bit is the waiting! I mean I pay for it now, I want it now too! Does any one else find these the hardest battle? I practically run to the front door every time a post delivery van comes even remotely close to my house... You can imagine when they actually knock! One day you will see this form me, I prom prom. For now though you may take my word that the patience required to wait for online shopping spoils is intense. 

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