November 17, 2012

Little Lady Lara

Its not a secret how much i adore Lara Bingle, sometimes I do however, surprise myself. Im not exactly sure what it is about her that I am drawn to; I almost feel as though it is everything, from the way she allegedly blurts out at a Cleo swimsuit party that she "cannot wait to have lots of sex with her boyfriend", (and such other public misdemeanours) to her intrinsic way of making everything she wears look so outrageously good that I almost want to not like her. I was a tragic viewer of Being Lara Bingle on channel 10 and even went the lengths of getting upset when I saw bad reviews... This perhaps friendship (rather than obsession) let us call ithas led me to wanting to share my love for all things Lara with you. I hope you love her as much as I do
Photos courtesy of tumblr and being lara bingle 

x Ell

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