November 7, 2012

yes, Sir.

Military Jackets

Its not really my thing, winter that is. I probably dislike it almost as much as I dislike lasagne and if thats not measurable to you; its quite a lot. I'm not one to express my weaknesses but winter is definitely one of them, and an extreme one at that. This is something you must know to realise that it is rather strange that I'm accepting winter in 2013, with open arms. Purely so that i can thoroughly get amongst this trend. Im dying to see how i can mix and match a military jacket! Thats not to say that I am wishing summer away, let me assure you summer is essentially; my unborn baby. I love it so much i could smother it in so much juicy goodness that it would stay with me forever. Undeniably summer is my favourite, i mean who doesn't get giddy over the idea of beach all day, cocktails all night, breezy cute dresses, a constant up roar of changing nail polish and stacking bracelet upon bracelet upon bracelet, sun on my skin and the smell of BBQ's in the air. Mmm summerrrrrrrrrrr. 
Anywho, i love these military jacket looks all which are available on Polyvore. Cannot wait to rock it somehow, somewhere and I love summer. Till death do us part. 
X Ell 

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