November 11, 2012

October, in a whirl

 October seemed to disappear as quickly as it began! I still cant believer its well and truly November. How quick has this year gone! A whirl wind of photos from a whirl wind kind of month. In no particular order I, fell in love with Gold Coast designed, Moana Bikini Swimwear argh they are all so gorgeous. I still haven't made a purchase because i just cant seem to decide! I per usual, attended markets. You will soon see I love the markets! Spring was well under way at College, the beautiful Jacaranda tree's made me forget about my awfully long train rides! I finished my last job, and started new at Ally Fashion just for over Christmas, had waaaay to many indulging Chai latte's, let my Bali girl become a mini picaso and as per every month basically lived at the beach. Weeee what will the rest of November bring? The 10th already brought a beautiful little boy into the world, Jeremiah! And trust me he is beautiful! Im very proud of my very strong, very wonderful best friend, well done Molly. 
 X Ell


  1. seems like you had a great month!

    1. I really did Hanna & Christel! It went so quickly, thanks so much for reading! x

  2. Lovely photos! Those black printed shorts are so so gorgeous!!

  3. Cute photos! I know it went super fast!!!



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