November 1, 2012

7. Indulge in your lovers

From top: smiling with my sister, fabulous shoes( maybe), my puppy Bali whom makes me happy
and lastly; one of my many angelic best friends who also doubles as a BF. Enjoy!

It always upsets me how un-intact (is that the right word?) it is that ladies of our glamorous world don't love themselves. 
This gutters me and makes me feel icky. I know at times I feel the same; don't get me wrong if I could have co-ordinated my DNA there would absolutely be things that wouldn't be here today and maybe even some perks that would but thank fully, I am surrounded by a mother and boyfriend who throughout their time in my life have imposed such a high regard for accepting me for me that well I ALMOST have. By being a believer in buddhist ways i think i put it down to mind over matter. And i'd like to impose this thinking on you sooo here's my... 
7 ingredients to elucidate your beauty from within to throughout- because we are all beautiful. 
According to me! 

1. Smile, please. 
Happy and healthy, radiant sparkles you are beautiful, no debacle! 
2. A curling iron (available here)
Whether you're curly sue or wendy wu curling your locks will make you feel your worth; a MILLION bucks!
3. Fabulous Shoes! (like this) 
Do not even hesitate, put them on. Looking fabulous makes you feel fabulous which is fabulous because you are fabulous!
4. Get yo' self a morning routine .... (for example)
There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling bloh so get some morning products to bring out the ta in your ta-dah. Okay. 
5. Bestfriend
Im not saying that you're not beautiful without a bestie, but i sure feel as though my best friend brings out the absolute best in me. By experiencing this relationship you are experiencing something truly beautiful.
6. Knowing you are beautiful
Nothing makes anyone more beautiful than someone who accepts and loves them-self. I am a FIRM believer in building women in our society to truly believe they are beautiful. Because a) they are and b) loving yourself should be a given! We are all unique and wonderful and beautiful and we need to own that. 
 And 7. Indulge in your lovers.
Im not talking sex sex sex. Im talking  chocolate, tanning, shopping, reading, drawing, gym, and maybe a little sex. Doing things we love makes us happy and happiness is beauty at its purist! Seriously! Allow time to do the things that make you happy-

If you're happy, loving, feeling fabulous, smiling, supported and have curled those locks; you've nailed it. AND if not, well you're still beautiful. 

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